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What is detox? 

“Detoxification is what your body does naturally to neutralize, transform or get rid of unwanted materials or toxins” -  Dr. Frank Lipman

Everyday our bodies produce millions of cells and receive many toxins from the outside - from what we eat, what we drink and what we inhale.  We need a lot of enzymes, vitamins and other molecules to reduce the excessive products and chemicals.

Why do you need to detox?

In the toxic environment that we live in today, we need detoxification more than ever. A healthy human being should do at least one detox per year.  Linda Page, N.D., Ph.D., the author of “Detoxification” recommends a detox if you have the following symptoms:

  • Unexplained fatigue

  • Sluggish elimination

  • Irritated skin

  • Allergies

  • Low-grade infection

  • Puffy eyes or bags under the eyes

  • Bloating

  • Menstrual problems

  • Mental confusion

How to detox?

For an effective detoxification, the program must address both internal and external toxins. To minimise toxins from the outside, reduce foods that contain compositions which may cause sensitivities & reactions such as gluten and dairy, irritants like alcohol, beer and drugs. 

To help the body reduce toxins, Dr Frank Lipman suggests at least 2 steps:

  1. Support Gastro-Intestinal function: Reduce the amount of solid foods and supply relevant nutrients from juice or powders to give the digestive function a break.

  2. Assist liver function: Because the liver is the main organ transforming toxins into metabolites, it needs a lot of vitamins and nutrients. 

5 ways to detox your body:

  1. Exercise and do meditation

  2. Choose the right foods

  3. Drink lots of water

  4. Purify the air you breath

  5. Diet

Does this inform you well? Tell us more about your detox experience in the comment section below!



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