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Alfons Grabher is a certified FELDENKRAIS® practitioner, born in 1974 in Vienna, Austria. He published two books about the Feldenkrais Method and  also teaches the method  via YouTube. with thousands of followers. 

“Feldenkrais is just like any other fine art or movement practice, it takes some time to get afeeling for it, and also to get better and better at it.” - Alfons

Alfons Grabher


    Amber Fairfield

    In 2004 Amy became a STOTT PILATES Fully Certified Instructor and was invited to work at the Corporate Training Centre in
    Toronto. Amy moved to Asia in 2008 where she spent 10 years in
    Singapore and now resides in Saigon, Vietnam. She continues to
    represent MERRITHEW as a floating Lead Instructor Trainer specializing in
    STOTT PILATES and Total Barre.

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    Amy Van Dooremalen

    STOTT pilates

    Ani has gymnastics and dance background. Chronic pains due to stress and bad posture made her look into beneficial physical movement. l.

    In 2017, Ani discovered White Tiger Qigong (WTQ). Since then, she progressively integrated its energy moves into her daily routine. The qigong practice successfully helps her build healthy spirit, mind and body. She wants to help people learn to relax and live healthily.

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    Ani Petrova


    Mariko Sekiyama

    traditional pilates

    We all want to experience physical freedom and the confidence of knowing we can run,jump, and play without being limited by pains, clumsiness, or fear of injury. Sadly, modern life doesn’t give you many options for expressing yourself physically.
    Join me and do something about it.

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    Morry Tafakory
    movement & breath work


     I initially found a Hatha teacher and then tried Sivananda in 1998. I loved how yoga challenged me yet made me feel good after every session. A good friend then got me practicing Ashtanga on a weekly basis, which then grew into an almost daily practice after work and on weekends.  I traveled the globe learning under some amazing teachers and I eventually decided to get my YTTC in 2001 with Hart Lazer.  Mandala Wellness was created because I felt people were searching for information about health and wellness, and with my years in Vietnam, I could at least point people in the right direction.  The timing was right and I wanted to give something back the community.









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    Sasha's Sasha's yoga journey began with the need to heal her body after working intensely as a scuba diving instructor. Yoga in fact led to a lot more then just physical healing and now she is sharing her experience and knowledge, received through various trainings around the globe. Sasha's classes are varied and flexible. During yoga retreats and workshops Sasha incorporates Art therapy, combining this with the healing powers of yoga to achieve amazing results for the body, mind and soul.

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    Rosanne Lee

    founder and yoga

    Ryoko Yoshida


    Sasha Lavrinenko


    Yvonne is a 200hr RYT -Yoga Alianced Vinyasa Teacher. For the past 11 years she strives to create a safe, non-competitive space for her students to dive beneath the surface of their daily lives to find deeper meaning and inspiration.

    Yvonne enjoys practicing all styles of yoga but loves to teach gentler Vinyasa Flow classes that also incorporate elements of yin yoga.


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    Yvonne Guenther