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 giáo viên

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    I teach yoga from the heart, tailoring each class around major joint and muscle groups of the body, as well as weaving in breathing and meditation practices. My intention for my students is for them to have better understanding over the mechanics of their bodies, in addition to having greater control over their emotional and energetic states.  I teach a wide range of students, from children to adults, prenatal to restorative; all of which I am proud to say finish my classes feeling more centred, rejuvenated and satisfied.

    In 2004 Amy became a STOTT PILATES Fully Certified Instructor and was invited to work at the Corporate Training Centre in
    Toronto. Amy moved to Asia in 2008 where she spent 10 years in
    Singapore and now resides in Saigon, Vietnam. She continues to
    represent MERRITHEW as a floating Lead Instructor Trainer specializing in
    STOTT PILATES and Total Barre.

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    Ani has gymnastics and

    dance background. Chronic

    pains due to stress and bad posture made her look into beneficial physical movement. In 2017, Ani discovered White Tiger Qigong (WTQ). Since then, she progressively integrated its energy moves into her daily routine. The qigong practice successfully helps her build healthy spirit, mind and body. She wants to help people learn to relax and live healthily.

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    Amber Fairfield

    Amy Van Dooremalen
    STOTT pilates

    Ani Petrova

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    Yoga to me is living in the present moment, living a balanced life, expression of my true self and nature, filling myself with spirituality as well as good food and living teachings… on and off the mat. 


    I teach a holistic form of Pranayama and Meditation, life force breath. It is both for beginners and for regular practitioners. Come as you are and leave a little lighter. See the subtle ways in which you can change your life. 

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    Breathing techniques can have astonishing effects on a person and people often experience a special high of energy just through using their breaths in a controlled way. In preparation for the ice bath these breathing techniques are relevant to prepare the body accordingly.

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     I initially found a Hatha teacher and then tried Sivananda in 1998. I loved how yoga challenged me yet made me feel good after every session. A good friend then got me practicing Ashtanga on a weekly basis, which then grew into an almost daily practice after work and on weekends.  I traveled the globe learning under some amazing teachers and I eventually decided to get my YTTC in 2001 with Hart Lazer.  Mandala Wellness was created because I felt people were searching for information about health and wellness, and with my years in Vietnam, I could at least point people in the right direction.  The timing was right and I wanted to give something back the community.

    Chaz Ibrahim
    Yoga Nidra / Pranayama

    Morry Tafakory
    Breathwork & Ice Bath

    Rosanne Lee
    founder and yoga

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    Sawano is a Fletcher Pilates Certified

    instructor since 2009, Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Certified Instructor 2010-2020, and Yoga Alliance Certified instructor since 2018. She has 13 years teaching experience on mat as well as on equipment. A fitness enthusiast all her life, Sawano believes Pilates facilitates an active and healthy life so people can live life to its fullest. She’s excited to share her passion, knowledge and experience with others. Her mission and goal are simple - to help clients condition their body, mind and spirit

    for optimal health. She’s fluent in

    Japanese and English.

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    Mat Pilates with Props every Wed 5:30pm.


    Sayaka is a Stott Pilates trained instructor. She enjoys challenging her students with the use of props that meets their individual levels. She is rewarded to see her students progress.

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    Sawano Newell
    Mat Pilates

    Sayaka Sumii
    Mat Pilates

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