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The professional practitioners and certified yoga teachers who have joined the community at Mandala Wellness are passionate and committed to sharing their knowledge and bringing the best outcome to what they do, whether it is healing, preventing, teaching or coaching. The desire to keep learning and collaborating together across disciplines and modalities makes the experience at Mandala unique.

Mọi giáo viên và chuyên gia của cộng đồng Mandala Wellness đều nhiệt tình và cam kết chia sẻ kiến thức của họ nhằm đem lại kết quả tốt nhất cho những gì họ làm cùng bạn, cho dù đó là chữa bệnh, phòng ngừa, giảng dạy hay huấn luyện. Mong muốn được liên tục học hỏi và hợp tác dựa trên nhiều nguyên tắc và phương pháp sẽ làm cho việc trải nghiệm ở Mandala trở nên độc đáo.

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I am French Podiatrist with 8 years of experience in Europe and in Mauritius,
treating various ailments related to feet. I work with an uplifting attitude and the single-minded
mission of promoting vitality, health and strength in my patients.

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" The Akashic Records are the energetic "library" of each soul, containing every bit of information about you and your soul. When you access your Records, you tap into the highest level soul information and energy to get the clarity, insight, healing and/or transformation you desire. You also get clear, practical steps you can implement in your life right now to create the outcomes you seek.”

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"I started to come back to yoga in 2018 after a long break. 

As part of my inner transformational work I found sound healing, reiki and other alternative pathways for self-develop.


This led me to incorporate my passion for art, movement, and music into my practice and I went on to become a certified Sound Healing practitioner."

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Benoit Houlle

Podiatry | điều trị bệnh chân

Christine Parma

Akashic Records Session | Thư viện Vũ trụ Akashic

Daphnee Hoàng (Thy)

Sound healing & Reiki (VN) | Chữa lành bằng chuông xoay & Reiki


 Dane is bringing an integrated approach to Bodywork using MyoSkeletal Alignment Therapy (MAT), Therapeutic Massage, and Energy Therapy that looks at muscle, connective tissue, bone, the nervous system, and energy system, in order to bring the body into proper postural alignment, energetic balance and optimal physical function.


    I love being an OT because to me , the

    profession is one of the most creative, inclusive, empowering and comprehensive ones out there. Interventions are tailor-made to suit a person’s goals so that they may live their most meaningful life.

    Seeing a person feel that they have achieved an increased level of independence, well-being and/or satisfaction in their daily life, is one of the greatest motivators to me to pursue this rewarding profession even deeper.

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    “I believe that Reiki helps trigger the patient’s own ability to help oneself and thus to start the process of healing.”


    Elsa’s journey towards well-being, self-development and spiritual awareness began with yoga, tai chi and qi gong after arriving in Vietnam in 2000, when she was a workaholic and feeling unfulfilled despite doing well professionally.

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    Dane McFarland

    Chiropractic | Nắn khớp xương

    Emma Cronwright

    Occupational Therapy | liệu pháp vận động

    Elsa Esculier

    Reiki | Chữa lành bằng Reiki


    I believe in the bodies’ ability to heal

    given half the chance. Our bodies are incredibly intelligent and are always striving for homeostasis, as long as we remove whatever may be getting in the way of that natural balance. 

    I receive so much joy from simply showing women the roadmap for healing and supporting them as they walk on the path. Essentially, empowering women to take their health

    back into their own hands

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    "As a crystal bowls player, I aspire   to co-create with the bowls, and my audience, to find harmony within themselves and with their environment; to facilitate self awareness and growth.
    I offer public and private crystal singing bowls sessions.

    All you have to do is to come with an
    intention  to relax  for some self-healing."

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    Hanna is  a holistic health consultant

    who uses the mind-body approach

    to address issues from weight issues, disordered eating patterns, alcohol dependency, low energy, brain fog, anxiety, acne, and diabetes type 2.

    She works in implementing small changes each week to reach her client's health and personal goals. The mind-body connection is essential to her work.


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    Eila Rain

    Period & Hormone Specialist | 

    Chuyên gia về Kinh nguyệt & Nội Tiết Tố

    Hạnh Bùi

    Crystal bowls healing | Chữa

    lành bằng chuông pha lê

    Hanna Larson

    Nutrition & Holistic healing | Tư vấn dinh dưỡng & chăm sóc sức khỏe


    Jon has been a chiropractor for over 22 years, practicing in America, specifically in California. His focus is making sure the nervous system is functioning maximally, for his patients to live a pain free life.

    He has helped patients overcome issues that include headaches, vertigo, shoulder pain, low back pain, leg pain/numbness, foot pain/numbness, arm pain/ numbness, hand pain/numbness, neck pain, knee pain.

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    “Moving countries and sometimes even continents every 3 to 4 years, I gained a wealth of experience in
    working with a diverse, international client group both long distance and in person
    It is my belief that each person has the
    strength and possibility to live a fulfilled life. Every one of us has to make that crucial first step that will
    set a process of change and growth into motion.”

    Julia is holding a Master degree in Psychology with an additional Presence-Coach qualification. She is passionate about guiding and supporting individuals, groups, couples and families towards their specific therapeutic goals. 
    Julia uses a person-centered approach paired with other evidence-based therapeutic approaches, such as Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), principles of Positive Psychology,
    Acceptance Therapy, and Solution-Focused Therapy as well as Gestalt Therapy.

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    Jon Nichols

    Chiropractic | Nắn chỉnh cột sống

    Josine Opstelton

    Energy therapy | Chữa lành bằng năng lượng

    Julia Peters

    Psychotherapy | Tư vấn tâm lý

    Ngoc is a Professional Coach certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Ngoc’s coaching style is warm and thought-provoking, adapting her approach to the client’s situation and is powered by the sciences of Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence. She is also a Leadership Coach and Corporate trainer in the areas of Cross-Cultural Intelligence, Soft Skills and People Skills.

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    As a midwife, Malene's is a midwife from

    Denmark with over 9 years work experience. She has worked independently with all aspects of preconception, pregnancy, labour and postpartum care., as well as advanced training in obstetric acupuncture, fetal heart rate monitoring, acute obstetric complications, suturing of vaginal tears, advanced breastfeeding supervision and massage as a treatment of pelvic complaints during pregnancy and postpartum. 


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    "Each person is unique, treatment should be too. In my experience, physiotherapy is just one piece of the complex puzzle within path of recovery. For that reason, I ended up with a variety of disciplines that complement each other.Allowing me to offer a more complete method of treatment. Through these specializations, I have developed my own approach that considers the human body mind and soul as whole."

    Ngoc Tran Thien

    Life coach | Chuyên gia khai vấn 

    Malene Sloth Tejlgaard

    Midwife & Doula | nữ hộ sinh 

    Morry Tafakory

    Integrative manual therapy | Vật lý trị liệu kết hợp

    “I strive to help my clients understand how their day to day lives impact their bodies, and offer simple ways to improve their quality of life and ease their discomfort. If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them and work with you to look for ways to help you live as pain-free and optimized as possible.”


    Shaun obtained his license from Lauterstein-Conway School in Austin, Texas.

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    “Being a registered osteopath, a triathlon coach and a personal trainer brings me a unique perspective on pain management for a variety of conditions. I approach pain as a patient educator to prevent re-ocurrence whether it’s for sports injuries or for office-related neck and back ailments, with easy and practical homework on proper posture and office ergonomics.  Your health is our responsibility!"

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    Yvonne is a licensed Acupuncturist, Yoga & Reiki teacher and Emotion Code practitioner.  As a holistic healer, she incorporates different therapies to help bring balance to her clients' lives using a mind/body/spirit approach.

    Her main focus is acupuncture, which is often combined with other traditional eastern methods, such as moxibustion, cupping or Gua Sha depending on the diagnosis.

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    Shaun Alexander

    Rehabilitative Bodywork | Phục hồi chức năng

    Stephane Laporte

    Osteopathy | Nắn xương

    Yvonne Guenther

    Acupuncture | Châm cứu