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Updated: Jun 3, 2018

Thanks to the development of technology and science on medical, we have more opportunities on treating the diseases. Alongs with that, we are now more aware of our initial conditions. Despites the growth of medical approaches, more people are tending to go with the natural therapy treatment, this sounds a bit conflict, isn’t it. Be that as it may, digging into the fact, there are reasons behind, which make us choose alternative treatments as a companion in improving our health. Taking out the latest, osteopath could be the most option among the range.

We commonly heard about acupuncture, cupping or therapy massage, those kinds of alternative approaches are being recognized for the health positive effects. Beside that, osteopath is a new term, especially to Vietnamese, who are seeking for the treatments without using medicines.


Osteopathy comes with the definition as to focus on total body health by treating, and strengthening the whole musculoskeletal framework. In another said, there is no surgery, no medicines, no injection, no any of those that make you feel nervous during the treatment, but the relaxation and stress relief. Osteopathy emphasizes massage and other physical manipulation of muscle tissues and bones.


Aparts from other medical disciplines, Osteopathy works on the integrated manner of the body functioning together. Unlike acupuncture, osteopathy doesn’t take action on certain pain origins, if a part of your body is restricted, then the rest of body must adapt for this. When the body is free of restrictions on movement, osteopath takes responsible for minimisation stress.

The treatment uses a broad range of gentle hands-on techniques, including soft tissue stretching, deep tactile pressure and mobilization or manipulation of joints. You might imagine osteopathy as like as yoga due to the non-invasive concept, however, this alternative approach is a kind of passive-impact-treatment, which need GP (general practitioner) to complement the advice.


o   Standing out from the other, osteopathy have a significant effect on healing the back pain. With the help from your GP, you are directed to do the prevention advice such as stretching exercise, lifting techniques, posture, breathing and stress reduction, which, to me, is quite important for the individuals to maintain your own health. You can find this treatment as the short-fulfilled-of-relief trip, to escape from your busy daily life.

o   An effective osteopathic treatment outcome often reflects with the first sign of a good night’s sleep. Being lack of sleep or the restless night are the factors leading to your pain. A poor sleep would not only reduce our psychosomatic to cope with pain, but also contributes to the unexpected ailments.

o   Osteopathy, adding to the benefits, affects the nervous, circulatory, lymphatic system, to balance your body and bring a better health overall.

You can see the benefit of osteopathy as the general improvement in mobility and structural stability of your body. The alternative treatment helps enhancing your well-being also leading to a more active and healthy life.

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