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Mandala Wellness Retreat
April 6th-12th
Pamper yourself in this immersive  Yoga and Mindfulness retreat, and experience the wonders of Reiki and Sound Healing with Mandala Wellness.

Mandala Wellness brings this unique retreat into Vietnam’s spiritual heartland and birthplace of Mindfulness at the Alba Wellness Valley in Hue. Discover the unique combination of Alba’s thermal hot springs with Yoga and Mindfulness practices while being bathed in healing Reiki energy and Sound vibrations.

Escape the hustle and bustle of urban living and live in the present moment for 3, or 4 days! Retreat options allows accessibility and benefits no matter how long or short.
Morning meditations, vigorous and restorative practices, Reiki energy and sound healing mixed in with the serenity of the healing hot springs, daily spa treatments, and luxury vegetarian meals fresh from the Alba garden…what are you waiting for?

About the Teachers

Rosanne, founder of Mandala Wellness, has been passionate about health and wellness since her university days in Canada. She has been teaching and advocating for sustainable and healthy lifestyle practices with yoga, fitness, mindfulness and nutrition since arriving in Vietnam in 1996. She has been teaching and practicing yoga for over 20 years. Her mission is to help people in their journey to joyful and balanced living.

Daphnee, Pom Pom incorporates her passion for art, movement, and music into her mindfulness and yoga teachings as well as her Sound Healing and Reiki practices. She believes the power of sound helps people come home to themselves, to feel deeply nourished by finding harmony, to calm their minds and free their bodies from today’s hectic lifestyles.

Andrea, founder of Glittered Yoga, is passionate about holding space for healing and relaxation. Andrea is a Siam Reiki Master, Yoga and Mindfulness practitioner and teacher. She has a background in Psychology, supporting children with Autism and their families. Her classes tend to be on the softer more relaxing side on the yoga spectrum with breath cues and internal body cues to connect you back to the present moment and to the sensations in your body.
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